For a massage the only thing you need  is to be home when I come.
I carry out the massage in the comfort of your (holiday)home.



Research shows that muscle strain can be reduced in two major ways:
warming up and stretching before training
massage after training
Massage of the back and arm muscles increases mobility of the back, shoulders and neck.

Recovery time:

This is the amount of time taken by the worn tissue to rebuild after exercise/training.
It is important to observe recovery time, in order to know when to train again. The quicker you can recover from exercise/training with, for example, the help of massage, the sooner you can start training again.

Muscle strength:

Blood circulation increases by 5-10 % after massage.
The lymph system’s ability to remove waste products increases and the body absorbs nutrients more effectively. All this helps strengthen muscles.

Eases pains:

If your muscles are tense, it hurts. If you are in pain, your muscles are tense. This causes a vicious circle.
massage helps relax muscles
massage can help relieve tension headaches, both in severity and duration
calf muscle pain and tension caused by working on your feet, can also be reduced

Mental wellbeing:

Massage helps us to deal with everyday challenges by reducing the feeling of stress and assisting relaxation. It can also help reduce symptoms of fatigue, helping people to feel more energised.




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