Massage for you who exercise

Massage can stretch the muscle fibers and the fascia that surrounds the muscle that can not be stretched by normal methods. Build up tension or pressure are being releast.

By stretching the muscle tissue, massage can help prevent hard an inelastic muscles and fatigue after hard training, so that the hard training can be more effective, and improve training performance.

Massage stimulate the mechanoreceptors via touch, pressure, tissue lengthening and warmth, causing a reflex relaxtion.

When received regulary massage can prevent injuries that can be caused by overuse or lack of stretching.

Deep tissue massage decrease delayed muscle sorenesss, increase range of motion, and improve soft tissue function.

It increases soft tissue and joints flexibility and muscle tone.

Deep tissue massage assits in the healing process of damaged tissue and reduce the pain caused by tension and waste products in the muscle. It helps the waste products to get out of the damaged area faster and it helps the blood, oxygen and nutrients getting to the damaged area faster, so that the muscle tissue can recover faster, and releasing the endorfins.

When to have a massage before an event

If you are partisipating in sport events, you might wonder when would be a good time to have a massage, so you can have the right muscle tone for the event, and recover faster after the event.

Pre-event massage

There are to types of pre-event massages. First the normal deep tissue sports massage that you shouldent have closer than 3-4 days before the event.

Then there is the warm up massage that as the name say, can be part of the warm up before the event, this type of massage is a deep tissue massage as well but more dynamic and faster.

Post-event massage

As in the pre-event massage, there are also to types of post-evet massages. First a massage you can have right after the event, this is a softer and slower massage than the deep tissue sports massage.

Then the normal deep tissue sports massage that you shouldent have closer to the event than 3-4 days.

How often should you have a massage?

When doing sports regulary including some hard training passes during the week, it is recomented to have a deep tissue massage once a week to get the full benefit, but at least once a month.

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