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Shoulder or back pain? Wouldn’t it be nice to live life pain free?

For most people, would a deep tissue massage help the muscles to relax and over a short period of time, remove the pain.

I’m a professional massage therapist, I got my education in Denmark in the year 2000, and had my own clinic there for 8 years. In 2008 I moved to Spain, here I have started a business as a mobile massage therapist.

The only thing you have to take care of when I come to your place is to have room for my massage bed and to move around it. That is it, I take care of the rest.

Common mistakes people do:

Waiting too long – A lot of people wait until it gets too painful before they make an appointment for a massage, this means that it will take a longer time to recover.

Repeating routines even though it results in more pain.

A big myth about massage:

It has to hurt, to get better. That is a myth, it is okay if it hurts a bit, but if it gets painful then the muscles will contract even more in order to protect itself. That might result in you being sorer after the massage than you were before. So let the massage therapist know if it gets painful.


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